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from 21 June till 1 July 2010

from Flensburg to Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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Umrisse Deutschlands als Flagge

Flensburg – Kiel – Lübeck – Hamburg – Lüneburg – Soltau – Celle – Wolfenbüttel –
Braunlage – Sömmerda – Jena – Wurzbach – Kronach – Forchheim
Neumark - Ingolstadt – Munich – Jachenau – Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Motto „Common Independence“

In 2008, our European Tandem-Tour went to St. Peter’s at Rome where we handed the Charter for the Rights of Patients with Macular Degenerations over to Pope Benedikt XVI after the General Audience.

Despite remaining within Germany this time, the Tour retains its European character as our cyclists come from various European countries, such as Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, France and Finland.


The escort vehicles are marked with our sponsors’ logos. The cyclists (seeing/partially-blind or blind) are wearing jerseys in vivid yellow colour and will be going in a line about 100 metres long together with the ambulance and the sweeper bus. The other escort vehicles will be driving outside the cyclists line. The line is going from Flensburg to Garmisch-Partenkirchen with police escorts from each federal state crossed. The escort vehicles, the leader of the cyclists line and one police vehicle will be communicating via radio system .


25 Tandem teams (seeing pilot / partially-blind or blind co-pilot) and 10 individual cyclists (substitute pilots) from 7 European nations (B, CH, D, F, FIN, I, L), 7 escort vehicles (among them one ambulance) with 14 helpers. The total number of participants is 75.


According to availability: youth hostels, boarding houses, hotels.

The itinerary and its stages

1,312 kms in total, divided into 10 stages with 8,506 altitude metres in total

1. Stage: monday, 21/06/2010 Flensburg - Eckernförde - Kiel - Lübeck 178 kms - 806 ALT. MTRS.

2. Stage: tuesday, 22/06/2010 Lübeck - Hamburg - Lüneburg 139 kms - 426 ALT. MTRS.

3. Stage: wednesday, 23/06/2010 Lüneburg - Soltau - Celle 117 kms - 465 ALT. MTRS.

4. Stage: thursday, 24/06/2010 Celle - Wolfenbüttel - Braunlage 158 kms - 1030 ALT. MTRS.

5. Stage: friday, 25/06/2010 Braunlage - Sömmerda - Jena 159 kms - 1170 ALT. MTRS.

saturday, 26/06/2010 rest day at Jena

6. Stage: sunday, 27/06/2010 Jena - Wurzbach - Kronach 112 kms - 1439 ALT. MTRS.

7. Stage: monday, 28/06/2010 Kronach - Forchheim 88 kms - 675 ALT. MTRS.

8. Stage: tuesday, 29/06/2010 Forchheim - Neumarkt - Ingolstadt 145 kms - 995 ALT. MTRS.

9. Stage: wednesday, 30/06/2010 Ingolstadt - Munich 96 kms - 520 ALT. MTRS.

10. Stage: thursday, 01/07/2010 Munich - Jachenau - Garmisch-P. 120 kms - 980 ALT. MTRS.

friday, 02/07/2010 individual return journey from Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Die Etappen-Gesamtübersicht finden Sie hier als Excel-Datei

Den detaillierten Tourverlauf mit Tourstopps für Besuche und Empfänge gibt es hier

Traffic regulation

The tour will observe the Road Traffic Act and the instructions of the local police officers. We will be going at a pace of about 26 kms/h. The tour participants are obliged to go as a group and to wear a helmet. Insurance is covered by a group third party liability insurance signed by the event organizers.

Our aims


The information events in the cities

Since its founding in 1977, about 70 regional groups of the Pro Retina Deutschland e.V. have been set up. Their meetings and activities are adapted to the regional demands and requirements but they are all united in the aim to inform as many people as possible about retina degeneration and its consequences and to support the Pro Retina Foundation.

Instead of the AMD information bus, each of the regional groups in the cities Kiel, Lübeck, Hamburg, Celle, Jena, Forchheim, Ingolstadt and Munich are going to organise an information day „Around the Eye“ when the Tour stops at their city.

The patrons of the information days will be the mayors of the cities mentioned. The events will be held at central places. There, representatives from the regional groups, from health insurance companies, eye specialists, opticians, aid producers and consultants of the associations for blind people will inform and advise the interested public free of charge. Visitors can test walking sticks for the blind and special demonstration glasses for RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa) and AMD (age-related macular degeneration) in an obstacle parcours and feel how the blind and visually handicapped experience everyday life.


As with the past Euro-Tandem-Tours, we are asking well-known companies and institutions to take sponsorships.
Total cost of the project: 120,000.00 EUROS

Donations / Project Account

HEM-Schwerger-Stiftung-Pro Retina
Volksbank Filder eG
BLZ: 611 616 96 Konto: 210 089 016
IBAN-Nr: DE65 6116 1696 0210 0890 16

Our Patrons

Dieter Althaus, Ministerpräsident Thüringen a. D.
Franz Beckenbauer, Fußballspieler, -trainer und -funktionär
Peter Harry Carstensen, Ministerpräsident Schleswig-Holstein
Alois Glück, Präsident des Bayerischen Landtags a. D.
Matthias Platzeck, Ministerpräsident Brandenburg
Horst Seehofer, Ministerpräsident Bayern
Dietrich Wersich, Senator für Famile, Gesundheit u. Soziales Hamburg
Christian Wulff, Ministerpräsident Niedersachsen

Our cooperation partners

Agentur Showtime
Alcon Pharma GmbH
AOK Landesverband Baden-Württemberg
Baum Retec AG
Bausch & Lomb - Dr. Mann Pharma GmbH
Bayer Schering Pharma AG
Berufsförderungswerk Mainz
Berufsverband der Augenärzte Deutschlands e.V. (BVA)
Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH
Bund zur Förderung Sehbehinderter e.V.
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
Daimler AG
DAK Landesverband Baden-Württemberg
Förde Sparkasse Kiel
Ford Werke AG
Franz Beckenbauer Stiftung
GE Auto Service Leasing GmbH
Görres Druckerei GmbH
GSG Strohgäu
Gonso Bike & Active GmbH & Co. KG

Heidelberg Engineering GmbH
Heitkamp & Thumann KG
Hypo Vereinsbank
IBM Deutschland GmbH
IMI Intelligent Medical Implants GmbH
Klaus Weiss Elektroanlagen GmbH
Kreissparkasse Soltau
Lamm & Partner Steuerberater
Land Brandenburg - Der Ministerpräsident
metec AG
Nord Ostsee Sparkasse
Novartis Pharma Deutschland GmbH
Optos GmbH
Orthomol pharmazeutische Vertriebs GmbH
Pfizer Pharma GmbH
Polytech Ophthalmologie GmbH
Retina Implant AG
Retina Suisse
Schweizer Optik GmbH
Shimano Paul Lange & Co
Siemens AG
SightCity Frankfurt
Sparkasse Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen
Sparkasse Dachau
Sparkasse Mittelthüringen
Sparkasse Neumarkt-Parsberg

Tieman GmbH
Volksbank Filder eG
Zentralverband der Augenoptiker (ZVA)

Project Team

HEM- Schwerger-Stiftung
Strohgäustraße 9, 73765 Neuhausen
Tel. 07158-68481, Fax: 07158-951331
Mobil: 01719523958

Pro Retina Stiftung
Am Heideweg 51, 85221 Dachau
Tel. 08131-54018



Horst Schwerger und Jutta Jergol
Tel. 0711-3481140
Günter Kaiser, Rolf Stickel, Doina Ruppert

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